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About Us

The Dad Daughter Duo

Hi, I'm Celeste and this is my dad, Jonathan.  We are the Dad Daughter Duo.


Our story began when my Dad got our first camera in 2010.  At this point is when our love for capturing memories through the lens all started.  We began taking shots of all our family which then led to taking family portraits of other families.

Dad was the one who fell in love with capturing the perfect picture but, as time went on I began to develop a love for the camera also. As he continued to do events and as I helped on the sidelines, we started to see that Dad had a love for the technical and systematic side of photography while I grew a love for the creative and innovative side of photography.

And.....that's what makes us the PERFECT

Dad Daughter Duo.

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Photographer and Creator 

Celeste Merriam

Celeste loves the wonderful colors of a sunset, or hiking an early morning trail to see a beautiful sunrise. She has just a bit of a hopeless romantic spirit that carries throughout all her photos. She looks for the best photo spots to make the dreamiest photos come alive. 

Celeste's dream job would be to travel the world and take pictures. While working on the dream to come true she is a Preschool teacher and loves the little ones. She is also a Student at the University of Alabama working on her Bachelor's degree. 


Photographer and Planner

Jonathan Giles

Jonathan loves capturing the truly unique sides of each of his clients, but can't he wait to get to the editing chair to make each picture just as unique. With his camera he is able to capture all angles of a shot being sure to capture the true essence of each moment. Jonathan is living his dream career. He is a senior design engineer, owns his own business, and also gets to go on adventures with his daughter taking pictures.